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A Review of Apple’s Growth in Revenue in 2018’s FISCAL and More

It is expected by the analysts for Apple to have a rise in year-over-year revenue in Fiscal 2018 to $273.3 billion which is about 19.2% increase in comparison with Fiscal 2017 where the revenue was $229.2 billion. This doesn’t stop here as it is expected that this revenue will rise further in 2019 to $279.7 billion by 2.3% year over year. Non-GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) EPS (earnings per share) of Apple can possibly rise to $11.46 which means a rise of massive of 24.4% YoY this year. It is expected to grow even further as EPS are expected to rise by $12.24 by the analysts for YoY for Fiscal 2019. Analysts believe that Apple’s revenue is likely to climb in Fiscal 1Q18 by 10.4% to $86.5 billion while the EPS is also likely to climb up by 12.5% to $3.78.  Revenue of Apple is expected by the analysts to jump up to 28.7% YoY in the first quarter of 2018 that ends in March. According to this predication, the revenue will increase to $68.1 billion while expected rise in EPS is a jump to $2.9 which marks an increase of 38%.

It is believed by the experts that compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is also going to rise by about 11.2% in upcoming five years in comparison with the monumental growth of 10% in previous five years.

Experts believe that Apple’s total profit margin is about 21% with 27.4% operating margin in Fiscal 2018. Previously, 26.8% operating margin was recorded by Apple in Fiscal 2017 along with 21.1% net margin.

Despite all this, Experts are expecting profit margins to lay flat this year and the next year regardless of revenue rise of Apple. Experts are expecting revenues to climb up by 2.3% next year and Apple’s net margin is very much likely to jump up to 20.9% with 27.2% of operating margin.

20.5% net margin and 27.2% operating margin is expected for the year 2020 with revenue growth of 2% year over year.

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