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Reshape 2019 Competition

About Reshape

Reshape operates at the meeting point between technology and social change, driven by innovation and  sustainability.  We  aim  to  connect  emerging  talents  in  design,  industry  leaders,  cutting-edge experts  in  tech,  and  research  centres,  to  refocus  the  challenges  of  our  time  and  rethink  digital disruption in the fields of wearables and product design

Reshape Competition

Launched  on  a  yearly  basis,  the  Reshape Competition focuses  on  tech  in  fashion  and  smart products.  The  contest,  organized  by Noumena  in  collaboration  with  INDUSTRY-From Needs to Solutions,  Fira Barcelona  and  IED Barcelona,  attracts  designers  worldwide  willing  to  explore  the impact of tech in design solutions on our daily life, habitats, and social behaviours.

We  are moving towards an era of augmentation. Wearables, smart devices, and e-textiles are new solutions for future hybrid generations of interconnected humans and devices.

The higher level of interaction is producing new paradigms, raising novel questions, imposing different habits,  shifting  economies and politics. Through technology, we are on the verge of a change in the perception of our habitats, ecosystems, bodies, social behaviours and interactions.

The Challenge of RESHAPE V focuses on future applications of Wearable Tech and Smart Products inviting  creative  minds  to  predict  new  trends,  elaborate  novel  solutions,  and  re calibrate  existing markets  in  the  direction  of  more  sustainable  models.  Our  goal  is to redefine contemporary devices towards a new generation of cognitive nodes, connecting us to our habitats and ecosystems.


Our  Scientific  Committee  is  composed  by  a  team  of  top  international  experts  representatives  from Industry, Academic and Institution fields.

Bradly  Dunn  Klerk,Formerly  positioned  as  CEO  of  Iris  van  Herpen,  Couture  Fashion  label  well known for her innovative experiments with materials, techniques and technologies. He is responsible for all the IvH Couture shows, exhibitions and international media.

Anastasia Pistofidou Director of the FabTextile research lab and the Fabricademy, a new textile and technology  academy.  Anastasia  combines  the  analogue  and  the  digital  towards  applied  research focused on new materials, art and textiles.

Valerie Bergeron Director of Materfad-materials centre of Barcelona, at the FAD- Fostering Arts and Design. Valérie also coordinates, for FAD, permanent and temporary exhibitions related to Materfad activities and lectures on architecture, museography and innovative materials for different professional and educational programs.

Jury Members

The Reshape jury panel is composed of an international experts representatives from fashion industry, Product  industry  and  Education  fields.  The  Jury  panel  will  evaluate  the  submitted  projects  from RESHAPE19|  cognified  matter  competition,  selecting  three  winners  and two Honorable mentions for each category.

Behnaz Farahi – Architecture, Fashion and Interaction Designer.
Behnaz Farahi is interested in exploring the potential of interactive environments and their relationship to   the   human   body   through   the   implementation   of   emerging   technologies   in   contemporary art/architecture practice. Her work is in the permanent collection of one of the most important science museums in the US, the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Her work has been exhibited internationally at Ars Electronica, Linz and Context Art Miami, and has been featured in several magazines and online websites including WIRED, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Frame Magazine, and many more. Farahi has won several awards including Innovation By Design Linda Tischler Award,World Technology Award (WTN) and is the recipient of the BASA and Mad Workshop Grants and the Rock Hudson Fellowship. Farahi has worked with leading firms such as Adidas, Autodesk, Fuksas Studio, and 3D Systems / will-i-am. Currently she is an Annenberg Fellow and PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Media Arts and Practice at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She has a Bachelor’s and two Masters degrees in Architecture

Julia Weems – Fashion School Director at IED Barcelona
Julia Weems began her career studying such disciplines as Art History, Costume, Fashion and Textile Design between New York and Barcelona. Soon afterwards, she started to work as a freelance stylist in  New  York,  collaborating  with  such  magazines  as  Glamour,  Elemental,  FHM,  Paper  Magazine, Podivm   and  as  well  as  major  international  celebrities  and  numerous  video-publicity productions.  Julia has additionally worked as costume designer for experimental arts events, namely for  the  J  Mandle  Performance  Company  as  well  as  in  the  production  of fashion shows, events and parties.  Upon  moving  to  Barcelona,  she  has  continued her career in such fields as theater costume design (for Teatre Lliure and Teatre Tantarantana), fashion show production (Jose Castro’s shows in Paris  and  Barcelona),  fashion  designer – as such, she has collaborated with Debora Francis for her capsule  line  of  high-end  jackets  for  celebrities,  Jose  Castro’s  creative  team  and  her  own  labels. Currently she is the Fashion School Director at IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny.

Alberto Lovisetto – 3D project coordinator Moncler
Alberto worked for Dainese since 2008 and created the last technical motorbike and ski wear collections. Always been technology enthusiastic immediately tried to utilize innovative instruments in order to speed up his work results. Currently he is working for Moncler as 3D Project coordinator.

Competition Categories

Wearable technology category
For the Wearable technology track, we challenge designers to come up with clothing solutions that establish a connection with the environment. We seek a wide variety of proposals, from innovative materials and wearable electronics to prosthetic applications, with a mediating function between our body and its needs. We are looking for wearable products, programmable materials or biotechnology applications that intervene on common health issues, such as respiratory problems, harmful body postures, disabilities, and stress, or tackle the pollution of natural elements – air, water. The submitted project needs to present a clear prototyping design methodology, to involve digital manufacturing technologies, and to highlight qualities of safety and recyclability, suggesting the potential of being reused or composted. Interdisciplinary processes, experimental approaches, and innovative design strategies become necessary for those striving to be the pioneers of this digital age.

Smart Product Category
Smart Product design is the category directed to all creatives and designers interested in product solutions promoting well-being and health care and in a wide range of applications – from sports to automotive and medical devices. Reshape challenges makers and designers to present a product able to function as the mediating factor between the forces shaping our environments, and monitoring, sensing, and interacting with the physical and digital world. Proposals must take into consideration the social impact of their production and consumption cycle. Interdisciplinary processes, experimental approaches, and innovative design production are required to become the pioneers of the digital age.


Concept Idea
Significant  attention  will  be  given  to  those  projects  that  reconsider  the  idea of design in an inventive  and  experimental  way,  establishing  interconnections  between  users,  environment and data

Prototype Fabrication
Reshape  aims  to  merge  both  design  and  production,  in  the  making  of  a  complete creative process.  Each  design  approach  must  encompass  a  clear  fabrication  strategy,  materializing design solutions with tools that are available in a Fab Lab or Makerspace

Dissemination Strategy
A dissemination  plan  needs  to  be  elaborated.  In  order  to  visualize  your  idea  in  a  potential market,   is   crucial   to   set   a   dissemination   strategy,  proposing  convincing  scenarios  of implementation for each proposal


Reshape competition aims to connect valuable designers with the industry players, giving support and valuable feedback to scale up their ideas.

Therefore,  Reshape  19|  Cognified  matter will shortlist three winners, respectively from the two main categories,  Wearable  technology  and  Smart  product.  Additionally,  two  honorable  mentions  will  be nominated for each category. The winning designers will be awarded:

  • Two scholarships*  (value:  6.200  Euro  and  3.100  Euro)  for  the  Design for Wearables Postgraduate program  at IED Barcelona
  • Financial prize up to 1.000 Euro
  • Invitation at  the  Reshape  Forum  to  meet  the  relevant  industry  leaders,  presenting  their proposals to the Industries at the Reshape 1:1 Corner and Reshape Presentation.
  • Shortlisted projects  will  be  showcased  at  Reshape  Exhibition  and  invited  to  the  Reshape Networking night.

*100%  Scholarship  program  for  the Wearable technology category winner, 50% Scholarship program for the Product design category winner. The inscription fee is not included on the Scholarship prize.


  • Launch competition (April 11, 2019)
  • Close Registration ( August 20, 2019 )
  • Close Participation (August 26 , 2019)
  • Announcement Finalist (September 18,2019)
  • Reshape Forum (October 29-31, 2019)
  • Design for Wearable Postgraduate program (January 2020)

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