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Researches Prove Wearables for Sports And Proper Nutrition Necessary In Building Elite Athletes

Researches Prove Sports Wearables And Proper Nutrition Necessary In Building Elite Athletes

Babe Ruth, a well-known Major League Baseball player of the early 20th century, was a part of that league which used to play hard and party harder. Nightlife, excessive drinking, and unhealthy eating were the common trends noticed among such players. However, if we compare those times and a player with today, it is noticed that athlete today is monitored as vigorously as possible. In order to build elite performers, the science is playing a very important role.

University hospitals sports medicine physicians in Cleveland, last week, published one of the first scientific studies associated with Football. The research was done in collaboration with Cleveland Browns Head Athletic Trainer Joe Sheehan. The purpose of the research was to analyze different kinds of wearables and find out how are they able to maximize a professional football player’s workout and prevent injury.

It is not new that various researches and studies are being performed in relation to the wearable tech. Most of the NFL teams and sports medicine staff know very well about the technology. However, this study is a major step in entering the wearables into a scientific area where genuine research data is found and analyzed.

Apart from the study mentioned above, another paper was also published in regards to sports nutrition. It must be noted that this study is one of its kinds and is really helpful in highlighting the value of nutrition among athletes. Travis Thomas, an assistant professor at the University Of Kentucky College Of Health Sciences headed the research project, which included more than eight years worth of data collection.

The paper mentioned is over-whelming and important in the field of athletics. The topics included range from performance enhancing drugs to the optimal time and amount of food and fluid for individual athletes to have. The research emphasized on the importance of the inclusion of sports nutritionists in any team. The right choices and the right quantity of food can massively impact on the performance and health of players.

The two discussed papers are eye-opening and work in collaboration to show how science and technology are important in improving sports. The staff has now the duty of not only improving the performance of athletes but they also have to predict the injuries prior and have to devise ways to solve the too.

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