Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Render Gives Away the Look of a Round Apple Watch

Apple Watch has retained its shape and build over the years and kept its look the same as it was introduced as originally. The last two additions in Apple Watch are exactly identical in appearance. Both have a usual square shape and are almost identical in size as well. The size of these smart watches may have reduced a little in last few years in terms of thickness but overall it is barely noticeable.

Although a patent filed by Apple around some 18 months ago exists and which goes by the name “Electronic Device Having Display With Curved Edges”. The document has a mention of a “watch” so it would not be much of surprise if the come up with a cured display smart watch in years to come.

For the record, Apple has also filed two patents other than this which depicts a single continuous round shape of display which covers both the band and the face of the watch. The generated renders, for what it’s worth, of these smart watches appear to be breathtakingly gorgeous. The imagined concept depicts a device which carries a micro-LED display which obviously has a circular shape. It is expected to come with sleep tracing and its battery lasts around 48 hours before needing a charge.

Although, obviously Apple has only been granted these filed patents but it does not promise by any means that Apple will actually end up using these designs. Apple, like all other tech giants, have filed many other patents as well which never actually went through the process of development.

We may not see Apple Watch Series 6 to have this round circular shape but it still remains a possibility to see a circular Apple Watch in coming few series. We may have to wait for a year or two to see a circular smartwatch by Apple.

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