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Relieve your stress with the help of Sona Connected Bracelet

Relieve your stress with the help of this sleek bracelet

Are you one of those people who get stressed without a reason? If you are surfing internet everyday to find out remedial measures for this habit, then I might be of some help for you now. A new activity tracker and stress resistor by The Sona is the answer for your problems.

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The Sona Connected Bracelet helps you to get rid of stress by monitoring your activities and physical reactions while you are stressed. This way, you can cope up with your erratic behavior in the future. It features an optical heart rate monitor which is connected to the iOS app. The Android Support is coming soon.

Relieve your stress with the help of this sleek bracelet

With the help of heart rate monitoring sensor, the Sona will gauge your heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is the reason through which you can check the peak of your heartbeats. The sensor counts the difference between each time interval of your heartbeat peek. The data is then sent to you through Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. The team behind the company has declared that the measurement of this sensor is ten times more precise than the standard heart beat measuring procedure beats per minute (BPM).

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After you switch to the app, you can see a complete snapshot of your mental and physical status that day. Your current pulse and heartbeat standard will also be displayed. You will also get to know that how far are you from your goals.

Relieve your stress with the help of this sleek bracelet

The Caeden also shows you Active Time. Active Time tells you about the amount of time you spend on any heavy activity like aerobic or any fat-burning activity by measuring your heart beat. The tracked data can also work with Apple’s Healthkit.

To reduce your stress, Sona, basically offers you a selection of breathing meditation sessions named as Resonance. As soon as you start getting stressed, the patterns will be shown to you via Resonance objective. There are five options to select from including as Start the Day, Focus Boost and Breath Timing etc.

Relieve your stress with the help of this sleek bracelet

The Resonance objectives are all the pair of audio and graphic presentation which tells you when to inhale and exhale through expanding and contracting a circle. Your aim would be to make these circles look like sine curves. Through focusing all of your attention towards that goal, all your stress would wither away. With day to day use of this app, you will attain smooth and calm stage.

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Apart from the stress management system, the bracelet itself is quite gracious and pretty. There is the perfect combination gold frame and white leather band, which instantly catches your eye. Other two options include Gold and Gunmetal along with a black leather band. The customers who pre-ordered also got the exclusive silicone strap.

The wearable is Splashproof, so it can manage your sweat and little bit of rain. The battery can last up to four days and will be recharged through magnetic cable. Sona is perfect for those who really want to cope up with their stress. It is a must have wearable and a great stress reliever.

The Sona collection can be ordered from the company’s website and you can pre-order it for discount price of $149.

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