Refsix- The First Smartwatch For Football Referees


Football is one of the complex games and especially for the referees and those concerned with the decision making. In order to make the decisions easy, a startup Doublesix has invented the Refsix Smartwatch and mobile app. The watch will help keep referees a record of the games and the decisions they have presided over the leagues.

The Smartwatch and the connected app will allow the refs to see the number of yellow cards they have used the entire season. Also, they will be alerted with how many times have refereed a particular player. The users will also be able to record the upcoming fixtures, results of the previous matches and will be capable of recording the important incidents of the matches.

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Refsix- The First Smartwatch For Football Referees

For now, the features are initial but the users will be able to utilize the function of performance stats like the top speed, heat maps to show the positioning and the distance covered etc. Currently, Refsix has been designed only and is available for Android users only. Apple Watch and iPhone users will soon be able to use it. Also, currently the app is paired with third party Smartwatches and the original Smartwatch would be launched in the future. Refsix would also be able to work with Tag Heuer Smartwatch if it gets approved.

Hassan Rajwani, CEO of doublesix, revealed;

“The app has been six months in development but it was initially built as an app eight years ago as part of my dissertation for the university. Then I got a job, got bored, and decided to return to the idea and now we’ve just had the beta version go live.”

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Refsix- The First Smartwatch For Football Referees

Referring to the usage of the app by referees only, Rajwani stated;

“We looked at referees and noticed nobody was actually wearing a smartwatch. In next year’s Premier League, referees will have to wear three watches – the Polar one, a watch for Hawk-Eye and the Tag Heuer Connected Watch. We wanted to build something where could fit everything into one Smartwatch.”

The main purpose of the Smartwatch is aimed towards the referees of MLS. The company has already partnered with Sony to begin the initial software and hardware developments;

“It came some time after we were nominated for Best New Concept at the Sports Technology Awards. We had some nice emails come through after that and we were able to a deal with Sony. We’d love to get to a position where we could go to Motorola or Samsung and offer something similar.”

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Refsix- The First Smartwatch For Football Referees

Rajwani also revealed that the Refsix has currently received a fairly warm welcome from the football referees everywhere.

“We’ve had FIFA referees come out and saying we’d quite like to use this. They also keen to see how we can use the GPS and the accelerometers built into this smartwatch more effectively. There’s been a big interest in the Netherlands, Finland, and the US. We’ve had contact with people in Brazil and a referee in Costa Rica even emailed me. That’s the wonder of social media!”

He further said that the currently the app is being furnished to be used in a well-known youth tournament. And, if the reception is good than the app along with the Smartwatch will also be introduced in different sports like netball and hockey.  Refsix is available for £180 and can be ordered from here.