Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Redmi Band to be launched in Europe under Xiaomi Mi Band 4c branding

A lot of fitness and electronics enthusiasts alike are waiting for Xiaomi to launch its Mi Band 5 but Xiaomi just does not appear to be done with Mi Band 4 yet. It will reportedly launch Redmi Band across Europe under the guise of Mi Band 4c.

Redmi, which itself is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, unveiled its first ever smart fitness band earlier this month. This smart band costs only $14 and resembles Fitbit Charge bands, Honor bands and Realme Bands a lot in its appearance. It also has picked up a number of features from Mi Band 4 as well.

This low cost version of Mi Band 4 has an 1.08 inches display screen with AMOLED Color Touch Display and all the basic features of any modern fitness tracker. These features include calories intakes, distance covered, sleep activity and steps taken. However, it does not have any GPS connectivity or NFC on-the-go payments.

According to various sources, Xiaomi will launch this Redmi Band in Europe after rebranding it as Xiaomi Mi Band 4c. This is an understandable development considering the fact that Xiaomi is a more recognizable brand in Europe as compared to Redmi, which only has its popularity centered around Asia. There has not been any announcement around the date of the launch of this device. The model number set for this smart fitness band is HMSH01GE.

It is very unlikely for Mi Band 4c to carry the same $14 price tag in Europe like it had in China but it will most likely be less costly than the Mi Band 4. According to various leaks, rumors and reports, Xiaomi’s Mi band 5 is also in its finals stages of development and we are expecting to see it soon, be coming few months or so. The next generation of Mi bands is going to have a larger display as well.

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