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Realme Watch Unveiled All Across Indian Market

Realme officially launched its inaugural smartwatch in India earlier this week across India, a country where Realme has a large number of consumer base. The launch of this smartwatch was accompanied by Realme Smart TV as well.

The overall design, shape and structure of this smartwatch resembles the Apple Watch in more ways than one. That being said, Realme is not the first brand to make a similar looking smartwatch to the Apple Watch and it most certainly is not the last one to do it either. Xiaomi Mi Watch by Xiaomi and recently released Oppo Watch by Oppo have a design appearing a lot like the Apple Watch as well.

Realme has made a famous name for itself in smartphone industry over past few years and now it is exploring other capacities in tech industry. It also manufactured Earphones and Power Banks but in past few months it has rolled out a Smart Fitness band, now a Smartwatch along with a Smart TV.

CEO of Realme, Mr Madhav Sheth, mentioned the Realme Wear OS in an interview only a couple of months ago. This lead to a series of leaks and rumours around the product ever since until now, when the product was officially announced by Realme itself. Those rumours were not very far from accurate as most of the features in this smartwatch were already known even before the launch of this smartwatch.

This smartwatch is only equipped with one physical button which is situated on the right side of the watch body. Realme Watch features a considerably thick and noticeable bezel. Realme logo can be seen just below the display screen. This display screen has touch sensor and it is 1.4 inches in size. The resolution on this screen is 320×320 pixels. This smartwatch is powered by 160mAh battery which keeps it running for a week on one time charge. This can be bumped up to 20 days while using power-saving mode. This smartwatch costs 3,999 Indian rupees which roughly converts to somewhere around 50 US dollars.

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