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Read what “The Golden Warriors” are up to with wearable tech

Read what "The Golden Warriors" are up to with wearable tech

Athletes and injuries are synonymous to each other. In numerous cases, some unfortunate players faced serious injuries which caused them, their entire career. Injuries leading to fatigue and concussion are one of the serious causes of major health issues. In such cases, coaches should be very alert with the health and proper rest of their players after facing injuries.

But, sometimes it is difficult to determine how soon a player can lose his strength. In such cases, it is advised to use the ever-growing wearable technology. The wearables nowadays are answers to nearly all of our health problems. There is not a single sport which has not been affected by the wearable technology.

The clubs like the Golden State Warriors are also one of the many big names which are impressed by the availability of wearables. The adoption of such technology will definitely help players to reduce the chances of fatigue and injuries. Protecting the player at the right time, will turn out to be very important for the player, coach as well as the entire team. However, this must be kept in mind that wearable devices are not allowed to players while playing the game.

Read what "The Golden Warriors" are up to with wearable tech

But, players can use the technology during practice sessions. A team can use whatever wearable they like, to track their players’ activities. The technical devices used by most of the players include a marvel from Catapult Sports. It is a wireless GPS device, which is worn inside a compression shirt, between the shoulder blades. The main purpose of the device is that it tracks every activity of a player. Every moment, whether small, is never left unnoticed.

The coaches and other seniors can notice the changes; monitor the speed, changes in direction, amount of force being applied to knees and ankles and heart rate etc. The Warriors have also used a device by a Finnish company called Omegaweave. Omegaweave has produced the electrodes, which can be attached to a player’s face. In such way, the variations of the heart rate can be tracked easily.

Apart from these, some players also use devices of their own choice during the practice sessions. The famous Shooting guard, Klay Thompson uses ShotTracker during practice sessions. The wearable tracks his shooting intensity through various built-in sensors. The sensors are fitted on Klay’s wrist and on the playing net.

Read what "The Golden Warriors" are up to with wearable tech

On the other hand, well known Star point guard, Stephen Curry is popular for wearing some sort of strobe glasses during practice sessions. It is said that the glasses increase his reaction time and provides him with more visual strength.

Similarly, Small forward Andre Iguodala uses Apple gadget as well as some other devices to track his movements with the gold swing while he is active on the green. Moreover, he is also a big fan of Jawbone Wristband which tracks his rest duration. As per rumors from different sources, Iguodala signed a $48 million four-year contract with Warriors, but he also aimed to become a part of an organization that also invests on technology.

Read what "The Golden Warriors" are up to with wearable tech

Warriors’ assistant general manager Kirk Lacob said that;

“If players don’t play, you can’t win the games. If Stephen Curry is not healthy, we’re not winning. If Andre Iguodala is not ready to play 42 minutes in a game in the Finals, we’re not winning.”

The statement definitely shows how serious players and the team management are when it comes to wearable tech and the performance of the team.

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