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Rapsodo Unveils Its Mobile Launch Monitor That Helps Golfers to Monitor Shots with Accuracy of Professional Levels


To the joy of many professional and amateur golfers around the world, Rapsodo has launched a Mobile Launch Monitor which will help them in tracking and analyzing their shots better and more accurately now. The device analyzes shots and swings like the professionals. The company claims to have adopted exactly the same mechanism as the teams use in Major League Baseball to monitor and analyze their performance of pitching. This technology of machine learning has really helped the athletes in stepping up their game.

Mobile Launch Monitor is easily accessible. All you have to do is download and install the smartphone application that comes with it, calibrate and adjust its device, and make a choice between GPS map, live video tracker with stats, replay mode. After all this, adjust your tablet or smartphone facing downwards at the play in a special cradle accompanying MLM.

“We’re excited to be able to leverage Rapsodo’s strengths in tracer technology and real time data to make training for the game of golf easier, more accessible, and fun,” said Batuhan Okur “The Mobile Launch Monitor’s personalization and accuracy will enhance players’ skills and experience.” Batuhan is the CEO of Rapsodo and also its founder.

According to Rapsodo, this device throws out analysis at a very fast pace with high precision and accuracy. This analysis includes information regarding the speed of the ball, distance covered by it, the speed of club’s head, smash factor, the direction of launch and its angle. Basically, it tracks and displays any and all information a golfer needs in order to improve their training and step up their game.

The MLM smartphone application also lets you see the replays of the shots you played and overlays the metrics over it. An active tracker also monitors the flight of the ball and with the help of the GPS of your mobile phone, it also lets you know about the whereabouts of ball’s landing on the golf course. MLM can be pre-ordered for $499.99 on the website of Rapsodo. Delivery will start around 15th of August.

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