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Ralph Lauren Winning Big At The 2018 Winter Olympics!

Smart Wearable Clothes are nothing new. It is a flourishing market and has its own benefits but they make you feel like a Cyborg, with all the lights and technology attached to your body. That may sound cool but trust me, it is not.

Ralph Lauren came out with a perfect and the most fashionable solution for it. Ralph Lauren brought new meaning to the idea of self-warming wearable clothes for the Winter Olympics this season.  In the opening ceremony for 2018 Winter Olympics, PyeongChang, South Korea, Ralph Lauren unveiled battery powered parka as a part of the parade uniform for Team USA. It was the first time that Team USA had heated jackets as a part of their ensemble.

What Is It About?

The jacket has this red-white and blue look, which along with being patriotic is extremely functional with its high tech cold weather resistant gear. These limited edition jackets are already sold out but the company is planning to incorporate this technology in its latest design for the coming winters. The feedback from Team USA will determine how the design will evolve into other products after being tested in one of the coldest Winter Olympics arena.

What Sets It Apart?

If you take a closer look, the best part about this Ralph Lauren Jacket is the American Flag. Well, the masterful engineering behind it, to be more accurate. Seamlessly attached to the jacket’s interior, is a panel which is electronically printed with conductive carbon and silver ink. The power source of this panel is placed in the right side front pocket. The jacket’s puffy paddings hide a thin power cord that extends from the panel all the way down to the pocket. Inside it, there are cords and removable, rechargeable, battery pack with the Polo logo on it.

The Jacket along with all its equipment was made in USA and it took over a year to develop these state of art, feat of engineering.

Where Can I Find It?

After the company dressed 700 Team USA Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches and staff. Less than a 100 jackets hit the stores and all were sold out within 20 minutes. The Jacket retailed at $2,495 a piece and can now be found listed on eBay for $7,000. The hot demand for these jackets has encouraged the company to use this technology in their future apparels.

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