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Ralph Lauren Wearable Tech Shirt


Not long ago, individuals wanted to buy a mobile phone had options to either buy a regular phone or a smart phone and there were many genuine reasons one would end up buying a basic phone over a smart phone. Fast forwarding to 2015 and ignoring the battery issues, almost everyone own or wishes to own of our the latest smart phones. (Do you disagree? then share thoughts via comments)

On contrary to the smart phone growth, one never had this option when going to buy a simple polo shirt until now, however, this is about to change as Ralph Lauren has just launched a wearable polo shirt and is called “Polo Tech

For $295, you can buy this shirt directly from Ralph Lauren website and guess what, you don’t need to wear any other fitness band. It has silver fiber woven directly into the fabric of the shirt and along with integrated 3D accelerator, it can capture heart rate, breathing depth and balance, calories burned, steps taken and the overall activity level.

With 70% polyester, 21% nylon and 9 spandex (Exclusive of trim), it may feel just like an ordinary polo shirt and guess what, it is machine washable as well!

However, if you are an Android fan, this is not for you as its only compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 8. Unfortunately, black is the only color available which makes the options fairly limited.

So are you interested in buying? Have you already bought? Do you think by 2020, all polo shirts will be “wearable” or perhaps may need to be charged?

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