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Ralph Lauren Is All Ready to Release an Update of Polo 11


Ralph Lauren has always been known for thinking big and introducing innovation. The outwear collection for January 2019 by them is a proof of this argument as it may be one of the most innovative release as of now by them. Incorporating the up to date wearable technology in it, they are going to unveil Polo 11 Heated Jacket, which will include the elements to turn up the temperature of the jacket inside the fabric of its clothing. This heated jacket can be controlled by a connected smart phone application of Ralph Lauren.

This smart jacket was created originally as a part of apparel for United States Olympic team. It pays a homage to the 1990s collection of jackets. These jackets themselves were designed after the space suits by NASA. United States National Olympics team and NASA, That’s all the endorsements you will ever need. The stone cold classic from 1997 was regarded as icon of 1990s by many. Its style blended with modern day innovation and technology has made Polo 11 to leave just as big of a mark as its predecessors, if not bigger.

Polo 11 will see a limited edition unveiling as Glacier Down Jacket will accompany it with its release alongside. The Glacier Down Jacket will also have heating systems in its fabric. This jacket will be available in both navy and silver colours. Glacier Down is already one of the biggest pieces of Ralph Lauren making it an icon as well and its incorporation with technology is only going to make this bigger.

These heated jackets by Ralph Lauren are expected to be unveiled on 24th January this year. Glacier Down is expected to be available more widely around the globe as both jackets can be ordered online from the Polo app in Untied States and from Ralph Lauren Website in Europe and China.