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Ralph Lauren designs ‘Cooling’ Jackets for USA in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Cooling Jackets

New in, Ralph Lauren designs ‘Cooling’ Jackets for USA in Tokyo Olympics 2021. Since Tokyo’s weather is hot and humid in the summers, Ralph Lauren decided to create a wearable technology called RL Cooling. This technology was implemented within jackets, which the athletes of team USA wore during the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Making her Olympic Debut in karate, Sakura Kokumai visited Japan prior to the Olympics opening ceremony. She really felt the heat and humidity of Japan, and when she came back to the USA for further training, she was of the idea that some proper clothing is needed to minimize the heat and make them feel comfortable.

Ralph Lauren, the official Olympic outfitter for team USA, kept the factor “Temperature” under high regard. Since they wanted the team to wear blazers during the official opening ceremony to highlight global ambassadorship, the company decided to instill an RL Cooling device in each of the blazers. This kept the flag bearers and the players feel cool and thereby, relaxed as they were capable of monitoring optimum temperature and dispersing heat from the skin.

Ralph Lauren athlete Sakura Kokumai in the opening ceremony outfit.

Powered by a battery, this device is settled at the back of the neck. It creates a sensational cooling effect. The cooling is felt even during high heat waves around you.

Indeed, it was a tough challenge for Ralph Lauren. To create a classic American look that not only looks smart and elegant but also feels comfortable and cool.

Ralph Lauren athlete and Olympic fencer Daryl Homer in the opening ceremony uniform.

Apart from the blazer, Ralph Lauren also designed a T-shirt, a printed scarf, shoes and mask.

“The way in which we dress,” Lauren said, “cannot only look great, but be great.

“We all have to become more conscious, that we can push the boundaries, that we can bring about innovation to solve problems in new ways.”

Ralph Lauren designs ‘Cooling’ Jackets for USA which we witnessed the players wearing. These ‘cooling’ jackets were indeed looking really cool. This technology is really high-end and unique. Its applications are numerous. With the recent changes in climate around the globe, heat-wave has struck several countries really badly. The new tech can be implemented in creating cool wearable stuff for people to use in everyday lives.


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