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Radical MOOV – America’s New Generation Electric Hoverboard


Radical MOOV is a new generation hoverboard which is different from existing hoverboards providing a premium, self-balancing scooter that is fun to ride. It is designed to provide a thrilling ride for all skills levels.

MOOV is the first of its kind to utilize a solid platform design with steering control based on weight rather than foot angle. This makes the board feel much more sporty and fun than the traditional hover boards.

It comes with a Torsion Turn technology, providing avid response to your body’s natural sense of balance, and hence increasing rider stability and improved handling. Radical MOOV enable the riders to safely master handling the board before operating at higher speeds. Over the life of the board, the ride continues to suit the rider according to their needs.

Radical MOOV comes with an optimum power management system, where the controller circuit boards keep a check on batteries charging levels, analyze relative voltages to each other, and actively keeps the packs balanced. It also features dual hub motors that provide a custom drive system powered by dual 9″ 350 watt hub motors and cutting-edge motor control technology to keep supplying instant and easy power delivery and a battery life of up to 8 hours without any hindrance.

It is specifically designed to handle the needs of all type of users and hence it features different riders’ profiles with customized settings.

The Radical MOOV comes with an integrated smartphone app, where riders can change the ride dynamics to match their preferences according to their requirements, stay informed with battery status and range calculation, and maintain control with the ability to lock/unlock the board.

It is made up of premium die-cast aluminum frame with précised detailing and great design elements to suit the riders’ demands.

To sum it up, the Radical MOOV comes up as America’s next big ride-able, engineered to perfection and thoroughly hand assembled

Anoosha Iqbal
A medic-in-making by day, an enthusiast for crazy side projects by night.

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