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Radar Pace by Intel and Oakley is a fitness paradise on eyes of the athletes


Fitness trackers are one of the latest hot topics of the wearable world. While, they may come in different forms, shapes, and sizes; many users doesn’t like the option of attaching the sensors or a proper wearable to their clothes or flaunt them on the wrists. However, we all love style and can never ignore when something with huge benefits is coming up in the form of an eye-wear by the world-known giant; Intel.

Luxottica’s eye-wear division, Oakley, in design collaboration with Intel have released a new pair of smart sunglasses named as “Radar Pace”. Easily connectable to your iOS and Android Smartphone, the glasses act as a coach willing to your set your fitness game up.

Radar Pace also have earbuds affixed on the sides along with the integrated microphone. It means that, through a Bluetooth connection, you can easily receive texts messages, make calls, and listen to the music. The wearable constantly gives you the power and the strength and buckles you up to perform good.

Radar Pace by Intel and Oakley is a fitness paradise on the eyes of the athletes

Intel and Oakley have also revealed that the new, revamped Radar Pace sunglasses have a “real-time voice-activated coaching system.” With the help of the system comprising of external and internal sensors, the glasses will track the users performance and will motivate them to stay fit.

The wearable also answers the users questions regarding their daily pace, and other activities through Intel’s Real Speech technology. Radar Pace keeps an eye on the heart rate, pace, time taken, distance covered, speed of the user, and power output.

After collecting all the data, Pace designs customized programs suitable for running and cycling; depending on the performance.

The eye-wear is available for $449 and can be ordered through Oakley’s official website or particular retail stores.