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Quest ready to launch a platform for the fitness of athletes!


Quest Diagnostics is one of the leading names in health sector. It is ready to launch its new tribute in the form of a legendary device to athletic community.

The new service is named as Blueprint for Athletes. It will launch in early 2016. The item focuses on increasing the performance of athletes and their health conditions.

As per the executive director Richard Schwabacher, The new offering, Blueprint, “gives amateur, professional, and tactical athletes insight to health markers.”

Quest is already termed as the first diagnostic data services provider for 30% American Adults. The new product employs’ the company’s same techniques and technology.

Blueprint for Athletes provides realistic health information service. The service is based on medical-grade testing. And, as mentioned above, the innate health conditions of the new and old players and athletes will be opened to them. It provides a complete overview of health markers that can improve the day-to-day performance of the player.

Thus, utilizing the technology, athletes can improve their training, easily leverage analytics which will help them in enhancing race-day performance, and help lessen the chances of injuries. Blueprint is specifically designed to give access the athletes to in-depth information with the help of various experts of athletic sciences.

Blueprint has been tested very professionally before its launch. It has gone through the beta testing with some of the very famous and sundry athletes.  The Blueprint started its work in 2013 with the Giants’ training camp. During the camp, it provided team the data of their dietary nutrition.

Complete food experimentation was done and the result was debated by the Blueprint professionals and the camp’s staff. In the end, the helpful analysis led the nutrition staff to remove certain ingredients from the menu.

Blueprint is not only advantageous for professional athletes but for bulky Ironman athletes too. All the qualities that are possessed by the Ironman athletes have been conjured up to this product. On commenting on this facet of the technology, Schwabacher said that;

“Many triathletes used Blueprint for Athletes to help baseline their health after an event and to train for the next one. Just as important for professional sports teams, recovery is the leading concern for Ironman athletes.”

Athlete Jen Reinhart- A Blueprint Ironman
Athlete Jen Reinhart- A Blueprint Ironman

Based on performance markers, athletes can learn what it is they can change or improve in order to achieve a higher level of performance.

At the launch, Blueprint will be available in individual, amateur and professional levels as well as to teams. Blueprint on its diversified stance mentions that;

The approach that Blueprint is taking in this product offering is designed to fit the ability to customize how each individual wants to use the program.”

Blueprint will be hosted as a patient portal on its website. All the users will receive their reports and test results from the parent company; Quest. Quest incorporates a breakdown of each specific marker and its application on sports sciences.

The new upcoming Blueprint has already received lot of promotion from different athletes who had the privilege to test the product prior to its release. Schwabacher said that the athletes and players who have used the product testify its performance and have become “ambassadors for the product.”

The fame of the Blueprint before its launch is already indicating its usefulness in the player sector. We will have to wait till 2016 and all the professional players will have to keep the excitement bubbling till they get to use this new fascinating product.

Kainaat Maqbool
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