Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 3300 Will Go Longer and Perform Faster

Wearables running on WearOS may end up seeing a big leap forward with the launch of Snapdragon 3300 which is expected to go much longer than its predecessors and perform much faster as well.

Latest generation of Snapdragon chip for Qualcomm platform for wearables is Snapdragon Wear 3100. It was launched in the September of last year brought many interesting features with it including Power Saving modes, tweaks focused on sports activities and always on feature for smartwatches. Although it incorporated the 2013 chip core design with the new technology.  28nm process of fabrication makes it a little outdated.

Just a year later we are hearing about the potential release of Snapdragon Wear 3300 makes it all really interesting as a big leap forward is expected through this new wearable device. Its references are spotted by code developers which also indicates the progress is considerable. According to many rumours, this new chip will be based around 12 nanometre fabrication process. Smaller nanometer scale consumes less power thus cutting down the battery consumption and producing less heat. All these factors end up enhancing the performance of the device considerably.

Hidden deep in the code, some references to Snapdragon 429 were also spotted. Although this mobile platform is still work in progress but it holds a lot of promise in itself. Qualcomm has not released any official world as of yet regarding both these chips. According to multiple rumours, it is reported that it will see the light of the day most likely as soon as summer of the next year. It will make sure that the performance of the device running on Wear OS is enhanced exponentially. It can prove to be huge step in the field of sports, fitness and other smartwatches and wearables making way for a number of futuristic features to be introduced in them

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