Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Qualcomm And UnitedHeathCare’s New Wearable Program For Employees

Qualcomm And UnitedHeathCare's New Wearable Program For Employees

Wearables are going to soon become a part of your workplace and offices. Thanks to the new venture between Qualcomm and health insurance company UnitedHealthcare, we are soon entering into the next level of wearable tech.

The two big names are collaborating for a novel program for different companies having with 100-300 employees. This means that the company should basically qualify for the health insurance plan in America.

Due to the new partnership, employees will be able to earn up to $1,460 per year by meeting certain goals for the number of daily steps that are monitored through a free wearable provided by the program. The wearable is not any popular brand we have heard or we know, rather it is a mysterious device we have yet to have our hands-on.

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UnitedHealth has stated that the new step measuring device is basically a “custom-designed wearable device”. The new wearable device will be able to track the number of steps each user takes throughout the day. In the end, users will have their total number of steps taken, frequency and intensity of the steps taken etc.

After collecting all the data, the UnitedHealthcare Motion app sent it to the users’ Smartphone. Here jumps the use of Qualcomm, the app is powered by Qualcomm Life’s 2net Mobile. The tech is the Qualcomm’s “medical grade connectivity” platform. It ensures the privacy of the patients and security compliant with federal HIPAA rules.

The new wearable device with the Smart platform for all the information and data is a good venture for all those who are still not a part of wearable tech. With the increase in salary, the employees will be motivated to take more steps per day. Thus, the health and the fitness of the people will improve. Well, it is quite clear that Qualcomm is pretty serious with wearables and their impacts.

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