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Qlipp Tennis Wearable Analyzes Strokes Of The Tennis Players

If you are a tennis player and are striving to make your tennis game better than ever, Qlipp tennis sensor might be of your great use. The sensor analysis your swings and strokes like no other sensor or a tennis tech device available out there.

Qlipp is a tiny 8gm device that is capable of fitting onto racket of any size. The device can easily be attached below the first string and above the bridge with the help of its twist locking mechanism. The sensor allows you to record all your strokes and analyze them based on your stamina and consistency. With the help of stroke analysis, the players will be able to unleash their true potential and refining their techniques.

Qlipp Tennis Sensor Analyzes Strokes Of The Tennis Players

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Users can also keep track of the hit that was near to the perfect spot. Improve the accuracy of your strokes by knowing exactly the point of contact of the ball with your racquet. The detailed analysis that accompanies each stroke ensures that you are never too far away from reaching your goals. What’s more is that Qlipp is the lightest and the smallest tennis sensor available but it is capable of performing as a shot dampener, reducing the strain that is put upon the hardest strokes.

Qlipp tennis sensor sends all the data to an iPhone or Android free app within 50 meters of reach. The users will be able to keep a check on their progress even when they are playing. Cherry on the top, the app can also shout out info to you as well as record video so you can see the shot analysis and the swing data more consistently after you are done with your game. The Qlipp will sync the stats on your shots with the image. Analyze your form in slow motion and save each session so you can track your improvement. The Qlipp sensor can work for six hours and takes around an hour and a half to fill up the juice.

Qlipp Tennis Sensor Analyzes Strokes Of The Tennis Players

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The Qlipp tennis sensor is one of the best sensors available out there. Apart from the best analytics and statistics, it is also available at a very suitable cost. The sensor will cost you only $99 and is up for free shipping worldwide. You can order the tennis sensor from here.

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