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Q&A session with CEO of Myontec, Janne Pylväs

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is to let CEO’s introduce their products


Myontec (@KnowYourMuscles) Twitter Bio:

– the most comprehensive & advanced system available.  World Cup Winner 2014

About Janne Pylväs

Janne has an M.Sc with 15+ years of experience in international software marketing and sales at stock listed companies. Sport enthusiastic and tech freak. Former athlete. He has been holding different positions of responsibility in the Finnish Cross Country Skiing Association and at FIS, the International Ski Federation.

What is Myontec all about?

Myontec is a Finnish company that steps in the great tradition of Finnish entrepreneurial companies bringing their innovative technology successfully to the market. The company has been created as a spin-off of Mega Electronics Ltd a Finnish medical technology company specialized in biosignal monitoring, and in co-operation with researchers on ergonomics at the University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio) and sports science at the University of Jyväskylä.

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Myontec’s wearable system offers valid and reliable electromyography (EMG) data added with ease-of-use, convenience, and applicability in the field. In Mbody all the electronics, wiring and sensors are seamlessly integrated in high-quality compression sportswear.

What is the difference between the products you are selling? MBody/Mbody PRO and Muscle Monitor

Janne Pylväs, CEO of Myontec

The Myontec Mbody product enabled, for the very first time, to monitor our muscle activity at all times, out in the field, creating a wide range of potential applications with real-time guidance. Muscle activity is measured with the help of EMG, bio-signals directly from our muscles, with wireless sensor technology embedded in clothing. Mbody was made for goal oriented sportsman and -woman as well as for individual elite athletes.

Mbody Pro is our packaged solution for elite teams, training centers, universities and experts like therapists, sports scientists etc. Mbody Pro includes several Mbody kits but also Muscle Monitor PC software.

Myontec's MBody Is A Symbol Of Healthy LifeStyle for Sportsmen And All

Muscle Monitor is created and designed to suit the needs of professionals who are searching for deeper knowledge and accuracy. Myontec Muscle Monitor is your personal magnifying glass inside the human machine. Complete breakdown of human biosignals allow one to conduct the most accurate and objective analyses of performance and biomechanics giving you the keys for further advancement and evolvement. Muscle Monitor includes pre-analysed features such as muscle fatigue, problem detection, relaxation, activation order and warming up few to mention.

In simple words, how are you different to your competitors?

Myontec technology has great advantage comparing traditional EMG tools. Mbody is the first product to utilize EMG technology in sports performance analysis, regardless of the environment or the type of sport. Our technology is patented, validated at scientific level, tested, proven and used by universities and high-level training centers and top level sports organizations from around the world.

What is the best aspect of your product that you are really proud of?

We are focusing on user experience. Mbody is premium product providing first class user experience with compression shorts. I am especially proud of the way how we can bring pre-analyzed benefits for the user. For example: Mbody can alert if problem exists or you reach your fatigue level.

What is next for Myontec?

We are building more and more concrete benefits for our users – content as we call it. Technical improvements of the solution is normal development. Soon we will see something amazing how elite sport is using wearable tech. We are also building something new for our customers in rehabilitation and mHealth.

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