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Q&A session with President of Myzone, Emmett Williams

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is introduce and let the CEO’s introduce their products.


Myzone Twitter Bio:

Our accurate heart rate + effort tracking system gives you the data you need to reach your fitness goals.

What sets MYZONE apart from other heartrate monitors and fitness wearable?

Social amplification and gamification are two aspects of the MYZONE that set it apart from fitness trackers. These two features really help MYZONE users stick to their fitness routines.

To keep people engaged, MYZONE’s social platform allows users to share their progress with their friends through a brand new group chat function. Similar to WhatsApp, the chat features lets user group friends, family and workout buddies into clusters where they can keep in touch about their workouts and goals. Virtually interacting with friends and family provides the encouragement and accountability many people need to keep up their fitness program.

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Along with the social aspect, MYZONE uses gamification, turning any workout into a game, to give users the extra incentive needed to exercise. MYZONE gamifies fitness by awarding points, or MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), based on how hard he or she is working. Points are earned by exercising in your desired heart rate zone for a period of time. The more effort that is put in, the more points are earned. Users can further gamify their workouts by competing with friends and family through challenges available within the app.

The most difficult part of getting in shape is keeping up the motivation to do so—the ability to lean on a community of family, friends and fitness pals along with gamification are both a big part of what keeps users engaged.

Another thing that sets MYZONE apart from other heart rate monitors, is that we offer our technology in both a chest strap and a sports bra. We listened to our user base when they said they wanted an alternative to the chest strap, and released the MYZONE Sports Bra in January.

What is the best aspect of the MYZONE?

As a chest strap and sports bra, MYZONE offers more accurate information than a wrist watch and other wrist worn trackers. The MYZONE MZ-3 activity belt and sports bra booth boost 99.4% EKG accuracy, the electrocardiogram test that medical professionals use to measure electrical activity in the heart. While FitBit is good at counting steps, the gym goer needs an entirely different type of tracker—the heart rate monitor. And while MYZONE is great for use in the gym, it can also be used to track virtually any activity, from horseback riding, to doing push ups at home, to your spinning class.

How does MYZONE help boost motivation?

Goal setting, gamification and social sharing are huge components of motivation. People, and their brains, need to be rewarded for effort in order to build sustainable workout habits.

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With MYZONE, not only is exercise less of a daunting task, users can set achievable goals that help boost motivation to see effort rewarded. MEPs are awarded to users based on their effort rather than fitness during a workout. The MEPS system makes the data MYZONE captures meaningful and simple to understand, taking the guesswork out of training and handing the user complete control of their workout. Users can also track their progress over time, challenge other MYZONE users, set personal challenges and keep in touch with other MYZONE users on our new social platform.

How do you see innovations changing the future of the fitness industry?

I see technology being incorporated into every facet of gyms, from weight machines to treadmills. People will not only use trackers for exercise, but for every physical activity. We will see wearable technology adapting to what today’s consumer is looking for—ease of use. Ease of use will lead us towards incorporating technology into clothing in a much broader sense than we have today. With smart clothing, people won’t have to remember to put on their smart watch or fitness tracker, because it will be built into something they normally wear. MYZONE is part of the smart clothing movement, as we just release our MYZONE Sports Bra in January and plan to release a compression shirt this summer.

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