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PUSH Band: The Fitness Tracking Wearable For Athletes That Measures Strength


PUSH band might not be a new name in the gym and the athletic training world, but it has been giving a stiff competition to all the other new wearables available or coming in the market. The device measures all the activity and the data as the other fitness trackers and gym wearables do. What makes it different is that the data provided is scientifically validated and provides with actionable metrics that can improve training.

PUSH band is worn on the forearm of the athlete. PUSH tracks how your body is performing at a certain weight and provides insights to help you optimize the load. It detects reps, sets, and extract, from each rep, scientifically-validated metrics that can tell you if you are lifting too much or too little. You can gauge your performance based on the velocity of each rep or your peak power output.

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Specifications of PUSH Band

With the help of an Android or an iPhone app, PUSH band lets you create or download routines. You can set your own training goals and PUSH provides feedback on your movement. PUSH will take your training to the next level. You can also plan your training program, track your progress over time, and share it with friends.

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PUSH band allows you to push your body to its true potential, using meaningful metrics, and get stronger over time while minimizing the chance of injury that can set you back. PUSH was built with the best in mind and is actively used by over 50 professional teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, EPL and AFL. The band is used by athletes in over 25 countries across 6 continents.

PUSH band may have been old by now, but the metrics and the data provided by this wearable are still incomparable and valid. The device helps the athletes to push their limits and perform the best they can. PUSH band is available for $289.00 USD and can be ordered from here.

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