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Puma – The New Player In The Wearable World.

We have frequently mentioned in our previous posts that the wearables industry has become a saturated market but businesses still deem it as a thriving option and here we are with a new contender in the wearable market. An already established sports brand, Puma has decided to enter the world of wearables through a global partnership for watches and wearables for Fossil Group Inc.

A Fruitful Friendship

For Fossil, this is another notch under the belt along with fashion giants such as Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Emporio Armani. Puma might come out with the first truly sporty smart watch from this partnership as this the first sportswear company to collaborate with Fossil.

What’s New?

This 10 year contract will come out with its first installment of watches and smartwatches in 2019. Chief executive officer of Puma, Bjørn Gulden said, “Time makes or breaks athletes, which is why the right partner for watches and wearables is particularly critical to our brand. We are pleased to team up with Fossil Group, whose strong focus on innovation will help us make products that fit the needs of our consumers and the world’s fastest athletes,”

The Puma Perspective

It is yet unknown if the first Puma smartwatches to be released will be hybrid or of the touch screen variety. This Puma-Fossil Partnership might turn out to be incredibly fruitful for Puma as it puts the company in the same lane as Nike and Adidas in this smartwatches game. But only time will tell if this duo turns as rewarding as it did for some of Fossil’s fashion house designs.

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