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PulseBand A6 Is An Ultimate Smart Band For Healthy Living

PulseBand A6 is the ultimate smart wearble trying to break all the funding records on Kickstarter. The Pulse band along with an advanced heart rate monitor tends to support better lifestyle every day.

The PulseBand A6 is capable of monitoring heart rate through wrist which in turns accurately tracks workout intensity, maximize training and optimize your health by providing both real-time readings and historical trend of your heart rate. You can connect it to your Smartphone and get help with the Vidonn app.

PulseBand A6 Is An Ultimate Smart Band For Healthy Living

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The PulseBand A6 also provides you with complete records of your activity, target motivations to encourage you for healthy lifestyle along with Chart displays of your performance. The band also has Idle Alerts for reminding you to move after customized period of time when you sit still and do not move. Moreover, the band also monitors your sleep patterns and tells you about it comprehensively.

For athletes, it also has an advanced APP enhancing. It permits real-time readings for exercise, sleep, full track record, chart display, target encouraging, rank encouraging, athletic competition encouraging and score encouraging with fun and enjoyment.

PulseBand A6 Is An Ultimate Smart Band For Healthy Living

PulseBand carries a clear OLED screen for better display results. Apart from the fitness tracking, sleep tracking and heart monitoring all day, it also alerts you with Calls and Messages. The band is waterproof.

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Each PulseBand A6 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and support Android 4.3 and higher Smartphones. The battery life lasts up to 1-2 weeks. It can easily be charged with magnetic fast charging system.

PulseBand has successfully managed to grab 874 backers with a total amount of $61,263 which is more than double of the pledged goal, $30,000. You can already guess how high the Smart band is riding on success with 16 more days till the campaign ends. Back it now to get a discount on already very affordable Heart monitoring band. 

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