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Pulse Play Lets You Challenge All The Racket Players Around The World!


Pulse Play is a Smartwatch specifically designed for tennis, table tennis, badminton, and squash enthusiasts. The Smartwatch has been founded by three-time Grand Slam doubles champion, Andy Ram. The purpose behind the Pulse Play was that it will give the amateur and recreational players everything the professionals have.

Pulse Play helps players find opponents at their level, announces the score live during matches, and records their match history and game statistics, and ranks players among their friends, their club, their league, their town, and even the world. Players are also able to create their own private or public or private leagues.

The Pulse Play is also water-resistant and keeps the track of all your score and the data without any errors. You won’t have to worry about any fouler and cheaters because of the exclusive days. With the help of an Android and iOS app, the users will be able to see how much they have improved since the start. You can connect to your broader community via the social networks to let your people know just how awesome you are, create personal groups, and search for opponents for your next match.

Pulse Play wristband comes in eight colors (blue, red, green, yellow, turquoise, black, white, and purple). The device charges via micro USB in about three hours and has the battery life of around 15 hours. Pulse Play works with all kind of racket sports. It is available for $129 and can be ordered from here.

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