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Protonics T2 To Deal With Left-Right Muscle Imbalance

Did you ever feel that one side of your body is stronger than the other? You might have heard it a thousand times; your right hand is more dominant than your left or vice versa for left side dominant people.

Now imagine an athlete, someone who uses their power limbs way more than an average person. Imagine the functional disparity between their dominant and non-dominant side. They tend to have severe left right muscle imbalance.

Physiologically, this imbalance exists in a large majority of the general population. People who have to go through strenuous exercises or high intensity training often overuse a set of muscles and do not use other sets of muscles at all, weakening them over time. This disparity between the two sides of the body prevents you from using 100% of your body’s strength, speed and agility.

Protonics Technologies, in San Diego, has been working to minimize this left right biomechanical imbalance and to put you in a well-balanced biomechanical state. The result of their years of research and hard work is called Protonic T2.

Protonic T2 is basically an exceptional and smart wearable exoskeleton used prior to exercise to reduce your body’s left right imbalance.

Protonics T2 is an easily attachable device that you attach to you left leg. It powers up your muscles and setting a resistance to reinforce the correct muscle firing pattern. The balanced state achieved from this lasts even after you take off the Protonics exoskeleton.

Protonics T2 is a highly advanced technology with computer controlled sensor system and haptic/visual alert hardware. It also has a T2 Magfit attachment system for customizable sizing, to make sure that the exoskeleton fits you perfectly. It is available in 4 sizes; S, M, L and XL.

Its exoskeleton fits only on your left leg from where it influences and calibrates your entire body’s musculoskeletal system.

The whole technology is very user friendly. It works in collaboration with the T2 software app which is both Android and iOS compatible. It works on smartphones, smart watches or tablets.

You can power up Protonics T2, set a level of resistance and then follow through the exercises while monitoring your body positions. The device will alert you, if you are in an incorrect position. It will also inform you of the numbers of reps and sets you need to do for a particular workout. It also records and saves your performance along with your speed, number of reps and time so you can mark your progress.

Protonic T2 is one of its kind and highly suitable for commercial fitness centers, athletic and fitness training and chiropractic centers. It can also be used as an at home fitness equipment.

Protonic T2 is up for pre-order at Indiegogo and delivery is expected in August this year.

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