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Proton: A Tennis Machine Controlled By Your Smartphone

A start up from Bay Area called Hydrogen Sports has unveiled a tennis machine of portable dimensions which could be controlled by a smartphone. These smart devices can be ordered online and the delivery will start from the summers of next year.

Proton is nearly half as big as a standard tennis ball machine. Its size can me compared with a small suitcase and it doesn’t weight more than 8 kilograms. These are some really impressive size and dimensions considering it has a built in battery inside it.

Proton can shoot tennis balls towards you at the speed of 110 kmh with the spins maxed up to 3000 revolutions per minutes. It can also carry 100 balls inside it at once.

“After leaving Apple four years ago, I bought a ball machine to work on my game and was disappointed in how primitive and heavy the machines were,” stated Jonah Harley. He is the founder and Chief Executive officer at Hydrogen Sports. “Technology has advanced so much since these machines were designed in the 1980s, especially in motors, batteries and our access to smartphones. Leveraging state of the art technology, we were able to design a machine from the ground up that dramatically improves the experience and portability of the tennis ball machine.” He added. In addition to its very compact design, Proton can also be controlled with a smartphone application that comes with it. This all makes the experience extremely user friendly and portables.

Proton also has many practice ruitines built inside it which could help you with everything from improving your footwork to develop your stroke and even make a sense of situations in the game.

Proton can be pre-ordered online from the website of Hydrogen Sports for only 1,195 US dollars. It shipping will start sometime around summer next year.

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