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Protect Your Kids From The Sun With UV-Bodyguard

Exposure to radiations falling in UV (Ultraviolet) Band for extended period of times can be fatal for health, especially in children. This has been a known fact for long now and almost everyone is aware of how fatal these radiations can be. These radiations have been the main cause of all kinds of problems related to the skin including skin damage, sun burn and even skin cancer. Children are the most vulnerable to all of these problems due to their sensitive skins.

Considering this problem, a lot of smart monitors have been introduced to measure the ultraviolet radiations in the surrounding to the market which come in all shapes and sizes. Some cling on to you clothes while the other attach to your finger nail and some can even be wrapped around your wrists. But this new UV monitor called UV Bodyguard has been designed especially for children. It can be attached to anything ranging from clothes, bike helmets, hats to even outdoor gear. From there, it measures the intensity of Ultraviolet radiations in the vicinity.

Ajuma, a tech company based in Germany, has looked over the development of this UltraViolet Radiations Monitor. It has been shaped like a turtle of 40mm by 150mm dimensions to give it a more likable appearance for the children. It can be strapped on with a system of rubber bands or Vecro  strip. Charging it is not any big of a hassle either as it can be charged through any USB port.

Its use is simple as well. UV Bodyguard accompanies an application for smartphones with it which connects with the gadget with the help of Bluetooth for the interface of the user. This application displays you the intensity of Ultraviolet radiations and also notifies you if the safe limits are exceeded based on the information of skin type and age you have put in.

The crowdfunding campaign has been a success so far and due to this UV Bodyguard can be delivered to you as soon as spring in next year.

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