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Proskida Ski Poles Are Skiers Who Want To Improve Their Performance On Slopes


Yukon Territory, a Canadian Company, has developed a new ski pole which is under the beets testing phase. The new skiing technology hopes to give cross country skiers a chance to be more stable than the oppositions during training and competitions.

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Proskida is just a six member’s team but initially the team was started by three individuals who wanted to start a new scope in technology for cross country skiers. The designed, wearable ski poles are capable of measuring the efficiency and power of the wearer. Electronic sensors which are small in size are embedded in the grips of the poles which collect and record data. However, the sensors are tiny but they make these ski poles a bit heavy than the other available in the market today.

The data collected by the Ski poles range from upper body strength metrics to different techniques. Proskida has designed the poles in order to allow skiers to collect the data which will be evaluated by coaches and trainers during races and practices. The data collected is instantly sent to a user’s Smartphone. The goal is to help athletes train more specifically based on the results collected during every ski.

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The high-end ski poles give the new side of training to the skiers. The older methods of skiing and efficiency are not working on the athletes nowadays. Proskida is currently not a finished product and you can’t find it in the market yet. However, they are also offering users’ opportunity to beta test their product.

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There is an application available on the company’s website which will allow selected number of skiers, and trainers to order the beta test the product. The selected few people who beta test the product will be able to use the data to improve and they will receive help from the company in order to do so. Proskida will then receive real world feedback to help improve and fine-tune their product before it officially goes on sale.

In order to make its product like no other ski pole made ever before, Proskida is currently testing the product on Canadian national team. There are no details revealed on the pricing of the product yet. However, it is expected that the Proskida will be available in North American and Europe later this year

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