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Sports Goods Protective Gear Googles

SKU: basketball-training-glasses-myopia-sports-goods-protective-gear-impact-dust-goggles-362119190



1glasses case, 1glasses cloth, 1sports headband, 1glasses frame and pc lens

Package of the product:
Condition: New in Original
Packaging Box
Weight: About 32g / pair

Type: Sports Glasses
Material: PC lens, silicone foot cover, high silicone layer, nylon gauze lens strap
Color: white, gray, blue, black
Features: PC lens is a kind of lens that is not easily broken. It is 100% safe and the thinnest lens. The impact resistance is 60 times that of glass sheets and 10 times that of safety resin sheets. It is safe and reliable. 100% Anti-ultraviolet rays, protect eyes
Scope of application: basketball, football, mountaineering, cross-country, skiing and surfing, and other outdoor sports




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