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Pro Wearables by Wimu Raises to All Stages of Professional Soccer in Mexico

Soccer federation in Mexico has strengthened its ties with tracking systems by RealTrack to equip all elite athletes of the sports in the country. Each club has been included in this deal and has been equipped with Wimu Pro wearable tracker.

RealTrack Systems is a product by Barca Innovation Hub. It is one of the founding partners as well CITEC (Center for Technology Innovation) by Mexican Football Association. The supply of GPS devices by Wimu to all top flight Mexican league clubs in both women’s and men’s league, and also the national teams was the part of the original deal.

“They can track the movement of all players since the beginning until they reach the first team or the national team,” Carlos Ortega said. Carlos is the marketing and media assistant at RealTrack Systems. “If they have any specific requirement, as we are the developer of all the system, we can work quite rapidly,” He added.

Before Wimu and Citec, not more than three out of eighteen football clubs in Mexcian top flight were using GPS monitors of any kind. With Wimu, each club in Mexican first leagure is using these GPS trackers. These trackers are even being used during the matches as well by all teams with exception of only two.

“They are discovering how to define a profile for the Mexican players,” Ortega said. “I think that was one of the main goals to reach, to try to define how Mexican footballers are. Then, they are also using the system in order to have a good result and even be at the top in the World Cup.”

“Data means power for them,” He kept on saying “We can say that there’s not a single Wimu that is in a corner, turned off, for more than two days.”

Wimu is not only bounded to soccer as it is being used by a number of professional teams in variety of sports across the globe. Sri Lankan National Cricket Team is currently making a use of these tracker as they compete in Cricket World Cup taking place in England.

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