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PrecisionWEAR: The A.I. Run Sports Wearable

PrecisionWEAR is the ultimate wearable in town for all the sports personnel out there who want to reduce the injuries as much as possible and refine their performance.

PrecisionWEAR informs the person in training of the reaction of his/her body towards training by measuring variables like stride imbalances, velocity, force and the effects of various other movements.

PrecisionWEAR is different from other fitness trackers in a variety of ways as they don’t provide amateur athletes with the data which can improve their performance. It tells a person about all the pressures one faces during training and helps overcome them.

PrecisionWEAR analyzes and measures twenty-one key metrics and simplifies them as well. This helps the player take decisions based on how the training is affecting one’s body and how the body is responding towards it. This may help prevent any future injuries as the player takes rest until his/her body recovers.

PrecisionWEAR has been made to be worn specifically during training sessions. The portable gadget sits between the athletes shoulder blades from where it calculates the person’s center of gravity and mass. This way the unit traces motions of the whole body and recognize specific sporting movements.

PrecisionWEAR comes with an application. It asks about your personal training sessions and history in order to start accurate profiling and data analysis. All one has to do is to feed the data into the app before each session, regarding the session; if it’s a training session or a proper game or a warm-up event. This is all included in analytics. After the athlete is done with the session, he/she taps ‘end’ on the app and the data is saved and sent to any device through WiFi or USB in which it is to be viewed. This data tells the athletes about the areas of improvement and how to reduce injury and enhance performance.

PrecisionWear has been designed for a huge range of sports like:

PrecisionWEAR is right now available for an elite 1% of the athletes. It is up for an early-bird discount. It will be made available by 2018.

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