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PowerDot Muscle Stimulator is a stimulator for everyone

PowerDot Muscle Stimulator is a stimulator for everyone

Muscle Stimulation has always been important for athletes and other sports addicts. Most of the fitness enthusiasts have been using stimulators from ages. However, such stimulators are always advised to use after seeing medical experts or under the eye of some trained professional. This, however, is going to change now.

Muscle Stimulators are proven to enhance and furnish the performance of sports personals. However, a new wearable has promised to stimulate every muscle whether it is of athlete or not. PowerDot has made it possible to use muscle stimulator at any time, at any place and by any one.

PowerDot Muscle Stimulator is a stimulator for everyone

PowerDot, a product by Singaporean Company Smartmissimo Technologies has been claimed to be the “World’s first Connected Muscle Stimulator”. The tiny device used electrical muscle stimulation to duplicate the brain transmission by the nerves. It, then, busies your muscles pre and post workout. It has a duo of “sticky” electrode pads which sends the impulses to your muscles.

The device has Bluetooth which sends all the important information to the compatible Android or iOS Smartphone app. So, you can see all about your muscle recovery through the app. Upon opening the app, you will be asked with number of questions which will be important for your health and future purposes. It will also alert you to not apply the pads to certain sensitive parts of the body.

PowerDot Muscle Stimulator is a stimulator for everyone

It should also be noted that the electrode pads are not to be applied to whole of your body. The 14 significant muscle groups are supposed to be disturbed by the rods. The Smartphone app will also tell you the method to use the electrodes on your body. The Powerdot app currently is limited to 11 stimulation sessions. Some stimulations are specific for the muscle while some can be used all over the body. Every session is supposed to last for four minutes for preparing muscles to maximum power, to 47 minutes for endurance.

The package has four sets of electrode pads and every pad can be replaced after 25 to 30 sessions. The package cost you $239 while the replacement rods can be ordered for US$39 (S$52) for eight sets. You can see more details here.

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