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POP – A new Tennis Wearable

POP Tennis WearablePIQ and Babolat- two very renowned companies hold an event last week. The event was organized at the Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club to uncover a new product.

Both companies have managed to create a new wearable. It is a wrist sensor that can track each and everything regarding tennis players’ activities on the field. The wearable is named as “POP”.

The motivation behind this creation was to get people to have more fun while playing tennis. This means that they can play more often and can improve and enhance their skills while doing so.

POP will allow users to have an access to several data. The information includes the serve speeds, different angles at which they strike the ball with. It will also tell the user to how reposition their style.

There are different sensors on the wearable which will calculate the player’s top scores. They will also show at which point the person is best in a positive way.

There will be an app pre-installed in POP. It will allow people to have a competition with each other. This is quite a positive endeavor, because at completion level sports people always wish to win. It will always motivate them to do their best even if they are not in a mood to do so.

PIQ CEO Cedric Mangaud, when asked about the device said that the product is a tool to enhance the enjoyment among people who play tennis. He also said that he spirit behind PIQ is more of positive. He pointed that in this global era, people tend to take shortcuts as they are very busy with their lives. This means that when people play they want their time be well and perfect.

Users will b able to engage in their personal information which will be collected by POP in a very short time. Manguad emphasizes that the basic data will encourage individuals to participate in tennis.

Babolat Connected Players Experience Project Director Jean-Marc Zimmerman also focuses on the same aspect. He told his experience while his partnership with PIQ. The director said that he had common grounds with PIQ so they formed an alliance for this product.

The project took nearly about nine months. He said that the expertise they have obtained from tennis and also from developing connected racket to form this product, while PIQ brought their expertise on the area of developing a sound app and the procedure to manufacture a sensor.

It definitely sounds like a harmonious and cool partnership. Good for them!

The product has thirteen access sensors. There are two accelerometers to find the peak moment. There is also a gyroscope fitted that can see angles and everything inside. There are also different components that can determine various things like if you are playing on the volley position or on the back. POP also has an M4 processor. The processor can calculate everything correctly. The wearable’s display is capable to be seen in any weather. A shockproof frame can also protect the device from intense shock. The display will also protect wearers with comfort.

It is interesting to note that both Babolat and PIQ’s are quite aware of the fact that wearable gadgets are new in the sports fields, so unless there is something interesting they cannot fare well. It can be seen that both are very hard to sell this product as much as they can. Zimmerman who has been the part of the company which excels in sport of tennis for about hundred years knows that this change will take some time. He sees POP as the next step in the growth of connected tennis following the release of their connected racket five years ago.

POP is the second product from PIQ that is made with collaboration from some other top sport company. Manguad is ambitious to create similar sensors in near future in as many as 24 sports. He plans to partner with different industries on that particular sport to create a genius. This clearly shows Manguad ambitions to make wearable industry popular in sports.

POP’s developers are hoping that their product will work from the frontline and will create some difference in the field of tennis. While the sports werables technology is relatively new the ideas and teams behind the new ones suggests a bright future for many more to come. As far as POP is concerned it seems a good choice to buy, only will we be able to review it till we get hands on it.

The product will be available at the price of $89.99.

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