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Pomocup is a wearable device for Ski Mountaineers by Ski Mountaineers


Pomocup is a new wearable device for ski mountaineers. The device is a must for those who enjoy snow-covered mountains or those who wants to be champion in this sport. This technology is simple yet pragmatic enough to provide you with the data relevant to your game statistics, within no time.

Pomocup is a collaborative venture between Pomoca and Gait Up. Apart from calculating the usual speed, distance covered and the time taken, the device analyzes all activity metrics necessary for ski mountaineers. With simple functions like using your hand movements and gestures, users can cycle between metrics on the built-in OLED display: time, distance, ascent/uphill speed, and number of kick turns while skinning up the mountain.

In order to view the required data, Pomocup is synced with Smartphone or tablet. You can access to your reports at any place and at any time. The users can get interactive reports, share their progress with friends and can analyze their tour in detail too.

Moreover, the device also provides “judgment calls”.  It means that the mountain guides can now see if there is a danger of weather or avalanche or not. The Pomocup Pro provides with you data that can help improve your kick turns, stride length or glide. And, if you are a trainer or coach it helps you see how well your team members are faring.

Pomocup easily allows you to measure the differences in performance and biomechanics throughout your season. You can view how different changes in atmosphere, skiing equipment or terrain changing can affect the way you execute your daily skiing routine.

The device has a bright OLED display, so you can see your data clearly whenever you want. There is a built-in storage, due to which you can save up to 800 hours of ski touring data directly to the device. When you want to view the data, connect the device with Bluetooth to your Android or iOS device to sync your tours. Visualize your tour performance data, measure improvements, and share with your coach and friends directly from the app.

Pomocup is another device which shows how fast technology is embedding itself into sports and how fast the way we see ourselves is changing. The project is up on Kickstarter. It, currently, has 37 backers with a flexible goal of Fr 9,704. 31 days are left for the campaign to end. If you want this product to happen, then back it now!

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