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Polyera’s new flexible touchscreen wristband will change the future of wearables

The new digital fabric wearable will hit till mid 2016

I am constantly writing on something big or astonishing coming in the wearable industry. While some are manufacturing wearable socks others are developing sensors and wrists trackers. Wearables are mostly being developed in some sort of casual looking band or a part of casual attire which can be proved through, smartwatches, bands, shirts and socks etc.

Now I came across this weird yet lavish, modern and comforting kind of wearable. Such type of products promises us towards the bright future of the wearable tech industry. While it cannot be completely classified into a mainstream wearable it still is! Without much ado, let’s see what the new Wove Band is.

The Wove band will basically combine a restrictive computerized fabric created by Chicago-based “Polyera” over a ten year period with an adaptable electronic ink (E Ink) film display. The display will be utilized either leveled on a surface or simply worn around the wrist.

No doubt The Wove is claimed to be the “world’s first flexible touch display.” If we talk about the technology used, E Film, it has already a part of the zillions displays developed worldwide. The product is also considered to be the apex product in production reliability and durability. The most important part of this innovation is that it does not utilize any kind of power, battery or energy while displaying you a stationary picture.

The chief manufacturing company, Polyers is determined to manufacture the basic prototypes and hand it to the developers almost by the end of this year.

The band is expected to be finished and available in the market by the mid of 2016. . Plans are also stirring for an accumulation of flexible electronic components, including stretchable OLED displays, ductile sensors, and soothing proof circuits. The details on how to buy or pre-order will be listed on the company’s official website.

This band will definitely change the future of wearables and the insights of this industry. No doubt that this initiative will change our way through which we see this industry also the people who think that buying such products is the waste of money will be impressed by this innovation. Also, This Fully-flexible touchscreen wristband will also help us in easily using it in our daily life.





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