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Polar Unite – Fitness Watch Wearable for a healthy lifestyle!


The Polar Unite is a Fitness Watch Wearable that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. How? The answer is simple. It includes features that will assist you in tracking your heart rate, monitor your daily sleeping routine and also how much relief you have got from stress. Totally waterproof, this very lightweight fitness tracker will help you during workout as well as while you are sleeping.


The first and foremost thing you must do to achieve fitness is keep track of your heart rate. The Polar Unite Fitness Watch Wearable has the capability of dividing heart rate into heart rate zones. This will indicate how much effort the user is actually putting in to achieve fitness. The Serene Breathing exercise feature helps your body to relax better and stay calm. That manages stress levels and ensures that you sleep better.


The Nightly Recharge recovery measurement feature of this smart wearable provides the user with a detailed insoght into how much relief the user has got from stress during night time. On the basis of this data, the user can then make better options during the day time. Also, the Sleep Plus Stages feature of the smart tracker provides detailed reports about the sleeping patterns of the users. It can record the number of hours of deep sleep, or the user was half awake or so on. The user can then improve upon his sleeping patterns and habits based on the recorded data.



One very important feature of this fitness tracker is  the ultimate FitSpark Training Guide. This feature allows the user to create a customised fitness workout program tailored according to his own needs. So FitSpark does the planning for the users – the users does not have to roam around looking for the perfect work out plan for themselves. Also, this work out plan is such that it ensures maximum turn around time – the users can make most of their time in work out. Without any disappointment.


The Polar Unite has a smart design that you can wear all day long on your wrists. Totally comfortable, and with pretty colour selection, users will find this as an attractive wristband.

With a battery life of 50 continuous hours, the Polar Unite is suitable for all types of outdoor or indoor sports. You can connect GPS on this tracker with the help of your smartphone. While in training mode, it can give around 80 hours with connected GPS and wrist-based heart rate. You can check out the item on the official website of Polar Uniteor buy it from Amazon here.
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