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Polar Launches an Inexpensive Heart Rate Monitor


Polar has launched Polar H9, a heart rate monitor for users at entry level. This has expanded Polar’s range of heart rate monitors even more. H10 and OH1+ are already in the market from Polar but H9 is an inexpensive version.

Both Polar H10 and Polar OH1+ have performed the task of monitoring heart rates quite well. H10 is a conventional water proof Chest Strap and can be connected with two devices simultaneously. It also has memory on-board and a very impressive non-slip design add more value to everything it already offers. H10 is the most precise and accurate heart monitoring chest strap till now.

Polar OH1+ is another one of the heart rate monitors offered by Polar. This device can be tied around an arm. It is much more accurate than any heart sensor that is supposed to worn around the wrists but it does not offer as much accuracy as a chest strap.

And now Polar has introduced a much more inexpensive Polar H9. According to Polar, this heart beat sensor is supposed to help “regular gym goers, casual runners and cyclists who want to start measuring their heart rate and calories.”

Accuracy is not a commodity and it cannot be compromised, but consumers aren’t aware of what a difference it makes,” Tom Fowler said, “What sets Polar apart from everyone else is that nearly 800 whitepapers cite our sensors as the heart rate baseline; national federations, sports scientists, professional athletes and teams are customers of Polar.” He serves as the President for Polar United States.

Polar H9 supports only one device at a time and connect with a Bluetooth connection. It also lacks any on-board storage and its strap differs a little from the other two sensors. Polar H9 can be purchased from Polar’s website for $59.50 only in different size options.