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Polar Ignite is All Set Up to Take Your Work Out on the Next Level


New and improvised features debut in all new smart watch by Polar for an enhanced workout experience.

Polar has introduced its brand new smart watch equipped with GPS. This smart watch called Polar Ignite, takes data on the quality of your sleep, runs it through algorithms and works on it to assist you in making your exercise better.

This amazing smart watch is capable of monitoring and keeping track of at least one hundred activities. These hundred activities include both indoor and outdoor activities. A brand new optical heart beat sensor called Precision Prime is incorporated in this smart watch. This sensor has given some really impressive results already on Vantage watches and same is expected from it in Ignite.

“Most companies in the sleep tracking game are only looking at the quality of the sleep, and that’s important, and we do that, but we’re also looking at the degree of recovery of the autonomic nervous system,” said Tom Fowler.

“Sleep will in large part determine how well prepared we are the next day to perform mentally as well as physically,” Tom added. Tom is the president of Polar in United States.

Another new feature exclusively coming out with Ignite. This new feature called FitSpark offers personalized, adaptive as well as suggested exercises based on the level of fitness, history of training and recharge measurements every night.

“This is not a toy for people who are dabbling around. It really hits the buttons for performance,” said Fowler. “As opposed to the Vantage, which is for hardcore athletes, it’s really for the fitness customer.”

The Polar Ignite costs around $229.95 and it is available in markets right now. It comes with wristbands in White, Black and Yellow colors. Accessory wristbands cost $24.95 dollars only. All the exciting features offered by Ignite definitely make it worth this much.