Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Polar Has No Interest to Chase Apple Watch According to Polar Chief

It would not be wrong to say that it has become somewhat of a trend for wearable brands, which started off as sports and fitness wearable companies, trying to shift their focus a little and target a usual more mainstream audience a little. FitBit and Garmin are two huge examples of this trend as they can be seen trying their hands on much more versatile wearables in recent times. But not everyone is falling into this trend as Polar has remained focused on health and fitness as it has always been. The attitude by Polar, as a brand, so far suggest that this is not going to change much in near future at least.

“Polar’s wheelhouse is athletic performance so it’s important for us to really stay very focused on that area of the market,” Said Tom Fowler. “If we start trying to compete with Apple and say we’re trying to get that customer, and appeal to that customer and go head to head with Apple in a pure smartwatch domain, that’s probably not going to deliver a great result for Polar.” Tom Added. Tom is the President of Polar in United States of America.

This decision by Polar seems like a bold a risky decision as smartwatches are expected to make up a considerable portion in wearables market within upcoming few years. Polar is trying to apply the strategy of differentiation. Attracting more “hardcode” and “professional” sportspersons.

“Where we can win, and where we excel, is in really understanding the athletic use case, both fitness and high-end competitive athletes,” says Fowler. “So we’re very focused on that. That may mean we’re not the right product for someone who’s looking for a smartwatch, but that’s also ok. We know who we are.”

Polar has increased focus on making its athletic performance better and features like FitSpark  are a clear signs of Polar meaning every word of what they have been saying.

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