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Polar Grit X: A Sports Smartwatch with Rugged Body and Interesting Features

Polar has just recently unveiled the Polar Grit X smartwatch with a major emphasis on outdoor sports and durability. This smartwatch comes with a few interesting features and huge battery life.

Polar Grit X has a durable body and a rugged build. It’s make is on par with the United States Military-Grade Standard 810G (MIL-STD-810G). This implies that his smartwatch is meant to endure extreme environmental conditions like massive drops, a wide range of temperatures and tests of humidity. Brief interactions with water or a little falls and scrapes are not something to worry about. Even after all these extremely robust features, Polar Grix X only weighs 64 grams.

The life of the battery on this smartwatch is also another feature worth mentioning. It can stay up and running for around 40 hours on normal use with GPS enabled before needing another charge. This battery life almost doubles and goes up to as much as 100 hours of service on choosing a few options focused on power saving.

“In recent years, Polar has introduced a robust suite of features including training load, recovery, running power, sleep, and personalized training recommendations for athletes of all levels,” said Tom Fowler. “Polar Grit X takes this even further not just with new features, but with powerful insights and feedback designed for outdoor enthusiasts.” Tom is the President of Polar USA .

Polar Grit X has multiple new features specifically focused on outdoor activities. One of these features is called Hill Splitter by Polar which keeps you updated with the elevation changes and trends from the path you followed. FuelWise is another one of these features which focuses keenly on the consistency of the hydration and nutrition of the wearer. Apart from this, users can also plan their detailed routes with the help of an integrated compass with Komoot. Polar Grit X can be purchased from Polar’s official website for $429.95.

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