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Playmaker’s Wearables for Footballers’ Boots


Recently, Playmaker’s Wearables for Footballers’ Boots have become the new ‘in’ thing. A small yet effective device, this tiny wearable will now take Football tracking to a new level.

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Already in use by most Premier League teams including Norwich City, this gadget is housed inside the players’ boots.
Playmaker’s Wearables for Footballers’ Boots are a major analysis tool for players’ activities on the field. Whether the player holds the ball or passes it – everything is identified by the gadget. The record can be easily used to create a highlight video during the match.
Wearables by Playmaker on footballers’ boots
This Playmaker’s wearables can also detect the players physical actions and symmetry. Whether they use their left limb to kick or lift up their right limb, even that becomes part of data profile analysis.
PlayMaker introduced these wearables for football players. However,the company now insists that they can be worn by any athlete. Whichever sport it is, as long as the player is wearing boots – he can use this device.
With the help of such detailed data, the coaches can obtain a high end information about their players. This can help them make better planning strategies in future. If a player favours using his right limb or the number of times he has actually passed the ball. Coaching techniques can reform and football coaching can also now come to a new level!
Previously, special vests and tracking devices were in use by players. These were not as efficient and advanced. Playmaker Wearables have created a stir in the sports industry!





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