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Playerhunter – Social Networking App for Sports Players and Clubs

Social media has been the new buzz word in the market for the past 10 years. It seems to offer a solution for every problem you have and somehow keeps you well connected with people you never thought you need to be in contact with. It has become a norm for companies to use platforms that allows its customers, who are mostly likeminded people, to stay up to date with the company news as well as with each other. Playerhunter is one such company. It is a startup company based in Austria, founded by Stevan Radak and Vuk Zivkovic, to act as a social network for young sports players. It aims to connect amateur sports men with club officials, agents and coaches.

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The founders of Playerhunter felt that there was a lack between young talent and official leagues, young players from lower leagues lacked the resources to market themselves to the appropriate managers and agents. With Playerhunter, this bridge could be filled easily. It is a free for all platform that helps enhance a player’s exposure and makes it easier for agents and scouts to look for promising players.

Each player has his/her own personal profile where they can showcase their talent via their CV, video materials and statistics. This makes it easier for managers to discover new talents without wasting a lot of time or money. It also allows you to create publicly visible events and trials. The working wheel behind Playerhunter is consistent user engagement. It allows players to display their expertise as well as their day to day lives. It adds a more personal touch than other job hunting websites. It opts for a less professional approach because it focuses on targeting a younger audience.

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Another thing that adds to the appeal of Playerhunter its specificity. It is dedicated to sports person whether you are a central midfielder or a basketball scout. This makes it much quicker and user oriented. It mostly targets all levels of footballs and leagues all across the world. The founders want it to be a global experience rather than making it country specific.

The web application is also available in a mobile app version to iOS and Android users.

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