Saturday, September 23, 2023

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PIQ’s First Sports Wearable For Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding may not be among the most known sports of the world but it has its fair share of fans and players in many regions around the world. The sport combines the essentials of windsurfing, wakeboarding and some techniques of the other sports all into one. However, the game has been an underdog when it comes to technology. But, finally, PIQ has given acknowledgment and consideration for all the kiteboarding fans.

PIQ is partnering with the wearable company, North Kiteboarding, to give important metrics to all the kiteboarders and to further flourish their talent. To those who are unaware, PIQ is a multi-sport sensor which can track performance metrics of various sports. The sensor provides tons of data and important metrics to its wearers including the height of jumps, air time, G-force at landing, and the number of jumps etc. In the kiteboarding case, PIQ will modify its collection and will provide latest techniques and advanced data to all the kiteboarders which have never been done before.

PIQ's First Sports Wearable For Kiteboarding

The Kiteboarders will now have the ability to gain access to their board coupling data along with the power to see, instant stats on how high they went in the air. PIQ sensor will display the height of the kiteboarder instantly. The users will also be able to participate in the “PIQ community,” which allows athletes with a PIQ and North Kiteboard to compete against each other, either in head-to-head competition or via leaderboards.

PIQ may be the first company to team with North Kiteboarding but there are tons of wearables which can be used by the players to gauge their data. The kiteboarders may, however, now be able to get whatever stats and information they want. Now starts the revolution of kiteboarding!

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