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PIQ sensor ensures your best tennis performance ever

PIQ sensor ensures your best tennis performance ever

Tennis, like any other game, has been under constant transition. Different players have different strategies to enhance their gaming experience. It could be better if we were able to know our stats while our performance or analysis of the different time of actions we perform while playing.

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Well, none of the above mentioned details is impossible now. With new wearables and sensors streaming into the market, you can fulfill your desires now. Regardless of the fact, if you are professional or not. One of such amazing products is PIQ tennis sensor. PIQ tennis sensor has been named as the world’s first connected wristband. The sensor priced at $179 was announced on AUG 28, 2015.

The PIQ tennis senor is a unique wearable device which can easily be inserted into the accompanied neoprene wristband while playing. The sensor can be worn by both adults and kids. PIQ sensor is made in partnership with Babolat. Babolat is the well-known tennis racket making company.

PIQ sensor ensures your best tennis performance ever

PIQ sensor allows you to look into your stats and data as soon as it collected and merged while you’re playing. The wearable also compares and matches your data with other players to tell your level and ranking among many. The device also lets you see your stroke speed as soon as it is performed. It is instantly shown on the display of your wristband.

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The sensor is waterproof and weighs just 25 grams. What makes it more unique is that it does not push to instantly turn to your Smartphone to access all the data. Instead, it can store the information and display it on your wristband screen. Later, the data is stored so that you can see it whenever you want; till you connect it with your phone. The phone and the wristband functions through an app called “Babolat POP”. It can easily be downloaded through Play Store.

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From the app, you can also challenge a game to your connected friends. The app will show you top scores, let you share them, and create a social network that lists top stats of all users.

Ongan Mordeniz, PIQ’s co-founder and COO said that, “We believe that the player’s ambition to perform more will go beyond the scoreboard. This new dimension in tomorrow’s connected tennis…will push you to your limits.”

Apart from the comparison of score and various challenges, the wearable also allows you to track your shot metrics, amplitude, G force, trajectory. It also tells you about your best stroke, best PIQ Score, serve, rally and performance in each session.

PIQ’s sensor is not only limited to tennis but it can also be used for some other sports. The company just recently launched its Golf applications too. It is the best tennis or golf wearable you would ever buy. The device is a must have.

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