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PIQ Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Sport Wearables

 PIQ Introduces Artificial Intelligence to Sport Wearables

PIQ, a France based startup, has become a go to name when it comes to sports wearables. The company has been bringing innovations, inventions and lots of breakthrough in the world of sports and wearables sector. The company, recently, unveiled its latest advancement in Artificial Intelligence interface which is dedicated to sports.

The combination of 50 engineers along with the experience of R&D for 2 years paired with €13 million investments, a new technology has been invented which is protected by 10 international patents which allows the athletes to identify their winning factors. It implies the strengths and the strong points that are needed for the success.

PIQ has come up with two high-end, high-tech innovations which can change the way we associate wearables with sports industry:


It is an autonomous system which understands and depicts the movements in sports. It is for the very first time in the world that such system has been created.

With the help of particular motion-capture algorithms, GAIA is capable of breaking down and analyzing the sports movement of the players. The automatic learning curve, developed within the period of 2 years, GAIA has learned the expansion of its intelligence through working over athletes and recognising millions of movements. All in all, it can understand even the microscopic of the variations in the movements of the players.


On the other hand, PIQ ROBOT TM is not just a sensor but a powerful nano computer that has the strength of analysing more than 195,000 data points per minute instantly. It is an ultra-high performance and metric measuring sensor.

So, what can you make out of these two amazing products? It simply implies that the when GAIA is paired with PIQ ROBOT TM, than athletes would be able to identify their Winning factors. This duo would be enough to make the best out of the performance of players and would force them towards the victory. Every sports player will now be able to perform a comparison on their performances even on the previous matches they had.

PIQ Sport Intelligence has become the exclusive technological partner of global sport leaders including Babolat in tennis, Mobitee in golf, and Rossignol for skiing and North Kiteboarding in kite-surfing.

PIQ’s products are surely a heaven for sports players and athlete around the world.

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