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PineTime: An Unbelievably Inexpensive Linux Smartwatch

Pine64 has disclosed it is working on a smartwatch though a number of post over social media. This smartwatch called PineTime is supposed to be a linux smartwatch and it would cost around $25 which means you could buy 20 of PineTimes at the cost of one Series 5 Apple Watch.

Pine64 has been working on notebook computers, single board PCs and hobbyist smartphones for quite some time now. All of its devices are considerably affordable naturally. PineWatch is one of the side projects of Pine64. This project is focused on creating a smartwatch developed on Linux and a $25 market price is not the only thing that makes it interesting.

Software of this smartwatch will be developed with the help of wider community of Linux development. This will most likely be developed  either on ARM MBED (Based on Linux) or the flagship FreeRTOS Core. This ensures that all the features finally available in this smartwatch will depend largely upon developer interests.

“we will, by and large, allow the community and devs to drive this in the direction they desire.” According to a statement made by Pine64.

We know too little about PineTime except from what we gathered from the images circulating online of one of the prototypes of this smartwatch. In these images, the exterior of this smartwsatch looks like it is made of plastic chassis and zinc alloy. Other major specifications of this smartwatch might include a heart beat tracker and a battery that would last multiple days. We can also expect WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to be available in this smartwatch.

The display of PineWatch is expected to be full color, 1.3 inches across with a 240×240 pixels resolution and complete touch-screen operation. This smartwatch will also carry a water resistant rating of IP67 and it weigh no more than 38 grams.

No date of release has been revealed as of yet but it is safe to assume that we will get to see a glimpse of during some time next year.

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