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Our Picks: Top 5 hybrid watches of 2017


Smartwatches are becoming quite a necessity now. They make lives easier and more accessible and well connected. But we might all have to agree that most of the designs look like a hideous monstrosity on our wrists. This is why hybrid watches were designed, to combine the panache of a classic watch with high technology of the smart. So if you are looking for a hybrid watch, you don’t need to look any further because here is a list of our favorites:

  1. Withings Steel HR

Let’s start with Withings. It has the longest battery life of any HR tracker on the market. It has a classic smartwatch appearance that can easily allow your transition from gym to office.  Along with a sleek design, it has a battery life of 25 days which means it can allow its built-in heart monitor to track your heart rate throughout the day and during workouts.

It is currently available at a discounted price of USD 143.96 at Withings.com

  1. Misfit Phase

Misfit is a renowned wearables brand, so if you are a fan of its minimalistic design with basic fitness tracking features, this watch is for you. Phase allows you to track steps, distance, calories and sleep. It is water proof in up to 50m depth, it also allows for color coded visual and vibration alerts for app notifications.

This beautiful time piece is made of satin aluminum and stainless steel and is currently available for purchase at Misfit for USD 149.99.

  1. Skagen Hagen Connected

Skagen is a Danish brand working under the umbrella of Fossil Hybrid, released Connected. A stand out time piece with minimalistic design. The technology is rudimentary with only a step counter and a dial on display that show your progress.

It is available in different designs and promises a battery life of 4 to 6 months sourced from a standard coin cell.

It retails at USD 195 on the company’s official website.

  1. Kronaby

If your budget allows you, Kronaby will definitely be our number one recommendation. Although on a pricier side, this hybrid is a thing of beauty. Kronaby is a Sweden based company that makes the most classy hybrid time pieces with a diverse collection to choose from both for men and women. In terms of smart technology, the watch has pretty basic features of step tracking, notification alerts, music playback and remote smartphone camera operator. It also has a nice safety feature which allows you to send your current location an assigned contact.

Despite of having room for improvements, this is one of our favorites. You can buy from Kronaby’s diverse collection ranging from USD 395 to 695.

  1. Withings Activite

To get a second mention on our list does show our love for this French based company that was recently bought out by Nokia. Withings Activite is a chic and trendy analogue watch with the intelligence of a smart one. It is Android and iOS friendly with a luxurious design and stainless steel casing with sapphire glass and a calf leather strap. It also comes with additional sports band that allows you to take your watch for a swim.

It can monitor sleep, calculate distance, track when you are swimming and automatically sync data with Nokia Health Mate App. With a silent vibrating system, this masterpiece also promises a battery life of 8 months.

Even though it is not available on Nokia anymore, you can buy this watch from Amazon for USD 399.