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Physilog: Wearable for physical rehabilitation of patients and athletes

Physilog is no ordinary wearable. Instead, the company behind it, Gaitup offers a complete “package” to medics and athletes that are in serious need to analyse their running or perhaps, each and every step they take!

So before we talk about what it offers, lets talk about the pricing. It offers an option to rent or buy and the pricing starts 249 Swiss Franc (~240 USD) for a month trail all the way to 5,999 Swiss Franc (~5000 USD) for a one-off purchase of their analysis package that includes two physilog sensors, software and accessories.

The Physilog wearable is fairly simply. It features 9-axis inertial sensors, GPS, and a barometer. Just need to attach it and press record to get started.

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Beside the sensors, it has a powerful signal processing algorithm to sense and analyse 3D movement signature. Beside this, the company promises clinical-grade reliability and convenience and have numerous publications posted on their website to support their credentials.

Validated against gold standards in-lab on various populations including Older adults, Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy and Stroke.

Beside providing a comprehensive reporting on patient or athlete activities and movement, the sensors also come with development toolkit to program, read signals, and check the sensor status with either Research ToolKit Software via MATLAB functions.

Interested? You can read more about their product on their website!

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